Duplex & Dual Occupancy

Maximise Your Land

At Vive Homes, we offer high quality Duplex and Dual Occupancy builds to suit your needs and budget.
Our vision is to design and build with the highest quality and excellence, whilst looking the at most optimal solutions to maximise your investment.

Why build one home when you can build two or more at the same time?

VIVE HOMES Duplex and Dual Occupancy builds are architecturally inspired to increase liveability, use space efficiently and provide maximum value in prime Melbourne locations.
A dual living solution can be the best option for your home design as it is incredibly versatile with plenty of applications. They can provide a great opportunity to earn a passive income by living on one side of the duplex while renting out the other.

They are also a great option for extended family members, providing a great housing solution for elderly or disabled relatives as well as adult children. Duplexes allow for increased independence while still living on the same property.

With your NEW Duplex or Dua Occupancy, you will receive an expertly designed and built home. Complete with all of the VIVE X ’ standard inclusions.

Are dual occupancy homes a good investment?

Dual occupancy and duplex homes are great investment choices that allow homeowners to maximize the value of their lot and reduce costs, e.g., mortgage payments. Higher Returns: With dual occupancy and duplex properties, homeowners can collect rent on one or both properties they own.

How to make money from dual occupancy properties

In a more sophisticated property market, many investors are looking for ways to increase their holdings in the smartest ways possible.

And one of those ways is dual occupancy developments , commonly referred to as “dual occs”.

Investing in a dual occupancy building is the perfect way to offset your mortgage and enter the property market. These investment properties allow for a greater profit from the same piece of land and for this reason more and more people are choosing to have dual occupancy properties built on their land. Vive Homes provide the people of Melbourne with a multi-unit building service and build properties that are stylish, sophisticated, and functional.

Growing families and community.

As a society, multi-generational households are on the rise. We’re reverting to a more family-focused way of life, where grandparents  share dinnertime with toddlers and grown-up siblings seek nearby residences to better support and socialise with each other.

Dual occupancy offers the best of both worlds: immediate families can enjoy their own space with their nearest and dearest just a few steps away. It’s the perfect solution for elderly family members who value their independence but need support, or simply to split the financial burden and enjoy one another’s company.

What are the benefits of dual occupancy homes?

A dual occupancy property shares the same sale value as the land value being shared by two dwellings. As a result, the land price is reduced to half. It’s also easier to preserve one’s capital in a dual occupancy project because not only do you purchase the land but also retain the existing house on the land.

Dual occupancy is one of Australia’s fastest growing build types, and now is the time to investigate how you can make it work for you. At Vive Homes, we offer free site appraisals, so you can understand exactly where you’re placed and what dual occupancy could look like for you.

With our unique understanding of this highly specialised market, our expert team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your block and maximise your return on investment.