Extensions & Renovations

Extending your home

If you have recently fallen out of love with your home then maybe extending and renovating is the answer. It may be that you have just outgrown it. If this is the case, then getting an extension is a great choice to add some new bedrooms, home office or even just move living space for your family to enjoy time together.

By extending your home, you don’t have to worry about selling your home with the associated costs. It also means that you can stay in the community that you enjoy living in.

Things to Consider

  • What you want from your new space – eg do you want it more light filled
  • Whether you want the extension to complement or contrast your existing home
  • Are you intending to extend upstairs or on existing land
  • Whether there are any design features from your existing home that you want to carry through to the extension
  • Don’t forget about the interior and how you would like it finished
  • If you would prefer to move out during the renovations